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Plastic Champagne Corks

I have a peach sour that I bottled about six months ago. I got talked into plastic champagne corks to use with what I was told were champagne bottles but they look more like regular wine bottles. The plastic corks leak CO2 so there is no carbonation. Any thoughts on whether I can uncork each bottle add sugar and new yeast and then cap with Belgian corks? I tried a cork in one of the bottles and it did not break. A good thing I guess. Because it is a sour, no worries about infections. Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Sure, you can do it, but if they really are wine bottles then it’s not a good idea. Did you order the bottles online? Can you post a link? Adding yeast probably isn’t necessary, although it will speed up carbonation.

Wine bottles don’t have a lip to secure a cage, so if they do have one, you’re probably ok. If they have a rim for crimping on a crown, you can do that as well (again, wine bottles don’t have a rim). Although most take a 29mm crown. But that’s also a great way to close sours - #9 wine cork inserted all the way with a 29mm cap.

If they are wine bottles, they aren’t made for carbonation. You can bottle petulant wine, but you’re taking a big risk with any significant carbonation.

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