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Plastic Carboys

I’m still pretty new at brewing and I already have a 6.5 and a 5 gallon glass carboys, but I’m looking to get another beer going and noticed these plastic carboys and I just wanted to know some your opinions on them.


(and yes I searched)

You could always get a 5 gallon recipe kit that only requires primary in your 6 gallon, since its you first batch maybe one with a quick turnaround. The NB American Rye has a approx 4 week timeframe. With your extra 5 gallon carboy, you could always do a partial batch around 3-4 gallons???

editI just took the two available carboys as you haven’t brewed with your kit yet. If its not your first batch, please extinguish the flames!!!

If by “plastic carboys” you mean Better Bottles, yes, they are a great alternative to glass - lightweight, no shrapnel if dropped, and almost impervious to O2. But if you mean the kind of carboy that’s used for bottled water, you need to check the recycling number on the bottom - if it’s a 1 (PET or PETE), you’re fine, but if it’s a 7 you might not want to use it since you don’t know if it will leach plastic into the beer.

Yeah I meant the better bottle carboys. The glass carboys I have are just borrowed so I was looking for a solution for after I got done with those. Thanks for the input.

I like my Better Bottles (2 - 5 gal) and use them for secondaries. Much light and easier to handle.

I still primary in 2 - 6.5 gal glass carboys just because I have them. If I ever break one, I will replace with Better Bottles.

Just for perspective, I’m making batches 167 and 168 on Monday. Each Better Bottle has had at least 40 beers through them.


I have a 6 gal.better bottle and when I pick it up full then set it down,it sucks the water from the airlock into the beer.I would stick with glass.

Try putting your BB’s in a milk crate and see if you still have airlock issues when you move them.

[quote=“triumphdave”]I have a 6 gal.better bottle and when I pick it up full then set it down,it sucks the water from the airlock into the beer.[/quote]Use vodka in the airlock and don’t worry about it and/or crack the seal between the airlock and BB just enough to allow it to breathe.

I have my BB’s in milk crates and have no problems with the airlocks. I personally like the BB vs the glass.

Also try switching to a three-piece airlock, the bubblers are much more prone to this problem.

I highly prefer BBs, they’re awesome carboys.

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