Plastic bucket that comes with deluxe brewing kit

on my first batch of beer i used the markes on the bucket. filled the bucket to five gals. poured in my glass carboy so i would know were the five gal. mark was and proceded to brew. Then on my second batch i measured from a 2 cup measurer and maked each gal. then when i got to my last measued container to make 5 gals. i was over my other mark that i used in my first batch. so why the difference. I think the 5 gal.pail i got from nb is off. I spent more time measuring it agian then it took to brew my second batch. anybody else run in to this. i was over 2 cups and i did it 3 times.

It’s certainly possible that the printed markers are off. But measuring five gallons a pint at a time introduces 40 possible errors so the bucket might be right. If you can get a one-gallon pitcher or buy a gallon of bottled water and mark the level, you could reduce the measurements and get closer.

Not unusual for the markings to be off. Agree you should be an accurate gallon measuring device and verify the markings and override where necessary

thanks for replying when i measured it was an 8 cup measure