Plastic Big Mouth Bubbler seal problem

I’m wondering if others have had this problem and what they did to deal with it – I used a plastic 6.5 gallon Big Mouth Bubbler for the first time a couple days ago. Hooked up a blowoff tube and the next day there was no gas venting into the bucket of Star San I put the blowoff tube in. There was a smell of CO2 around the Bubbler, so I assume there’s a leak in the screw top. Otherwise, the fermentation appears to be strong. I got this fermenter so I could manage my nylon bag dry hopping better, but am wondering if there’s going to be oxidation due to the poor seal.

Thanks for any recommendations.

I do not have one of these, but reading on the forum this is common. I think a quick, easy fix is to use keg lube around the seal and then tightening the lid.

I have one of these and it’s a hit or miss problem. Sometimes you get lucky and get a good seal with the lid, sometimes you don’t. There doesn’t seem to be a logical way to guarantee it without using something else. What I’ve started doing is sanitizing some saran wrap and placing that over the mouth of the fermenter before I put the lid on. Then screw the lid on over the saran wrap so that the wrap makes a sort of seal. Put the airlock or blowoff tube in and puncture the saran wrap with it so that gas can escape through it. It seems to work, haven’t had any issues with oxygenation or infection.

I’ve cut a styrofoam plate, to fit inside the lid, to create a seal. I use a new piece each time just for sanitation safety.

Thanks for your ideas on workarounds.

To the manufacturer – the lid clearly doesn’t seal properly, so why don’t you make some seals for it like those for the glass Big Mouths.

There, I’m sure that will get results. :wink:

I cover the top with plastic wrap, then put the lid on. Just poke the plastic throught the lid before adding the airlock.

Ok, JMck, tried this today with the plastic wrap instead of the keglube. Hope it works…actually used two sheets of plastic wrap with one under and one over the lid. Hoping my"bubbler" bubbles again. Keglube worked but was a pain in the arse.

Uh did I just type that?? :oops:

UPDATE 24 hours later the citra APA airlock is bubbling away and I am not going to have to face the dreaded lid full o’goo down the road! Thanks!

Glad it worked for you.
Just don’t forget to poke the plastic wrap before the airlock goes on. I almost forgot once; I can’t imagine the consequences would be pretty. :shock: