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Planting Garlic

I planted garlic in the fall of 2010. 2011 growing season, they sprouted up, but most died off, and never yielded anything. I was out poking around my garden beds getting antsy for Spring, and noticed I have between half a dozen to a dozen “garlic” shoots coming up through the soil. I pulled one up just to be sure, and sure enough, it was a small ball of garlic at the base of the shoot. It was still very small though, like the size of the original clove I planted. Anyone with any good garlic experience? I’m wondering if I will get full heads of garlic this year, from cloves planted in 2010, or what to expect, if anything…I’ll be happy if I get half a dozen garlic scapes, and nothing else. Those are darn tastey…

Any feedback appreciated.

If your getting root growth you should get garlic for harvest. Garlic is a cold hearty plant that does well even when planted in the fall prior to the harvest season.
I harvested about two dozen onions yesterday that was left over from the 2011 season.

On the one piece I pulled out of the ground, there was some root growth, but the plant has been in the ground for over a year already, and the garlic bulb area hasn’t really grown in size…just seems odd…i guess I will treat them like i should treat garlic, and wait for harvest time to see what comes up.

Thanks for your input Baratone Brewer

I have a garlic problem. :lol:

Not sure what you have growing there. Are they singles?; as in single plants scattered around? Generally, if you get some head formation one year, the next will have multiple bulbs sprouting together out of a head. If they are singles, they could be some of the bulbs you planted.

I also have bulbuils sprouting. Those are the round little small bulbs that form if you let a scape mature. Garlic can reseed that way as well. Second year bulbuils are awesome, in that they can get to be the size of a quarter and still be a single solid onion shaped bulb. Third year they develop into a head with the traditional garlic shaped bulbs.

Garlic right now will be using the bulb to get NRG to send up the green shoot, so it will be normal to not see any bulb growth. Come the end of June, you can start digging a few up and enjoy some fresh immature bulbs.

Yep, you will have garlic. Cheers. :lol:

more details of the 2011 growing season would be needed. Garlic doesn’t like to be underwater during the spring and does not do well against weeds.

With that said, my Garlic is already coming up here in Minneapolis.

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