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Planning for new faucets

I currently have 4 kegs in an upright temp controlled freezer. I dispense through picnic faucets with the standard 5 ft lines.

I plan on installing faucets in the door soon and given all I’ve read herein will likely go with the perlick SS faucet and shank.

I’ve seen a lot of posts regarding balancing your system with longer lines to avoid foaming. Should I plan on longer lines for the perlicks? Why isn’t thus an issue with the plastic picnic faucets?

I have a similar set-up for my draft system and never had a problem with a 5’ draft line on a Perlick faucet. You should be just fine.

You may have to play around with the line length. I started with 5’ on my keezer, but ended up going to 10’. BTW, it’s easier to start long and shorten, if needed.

Depending on temp and pressure, 5ft of line can make a good pour. Apparently your system is currently balanced.

Changing from picnic taps to faucets should not dramatically change the balance.

5’ lines and Perls for me as well. Very rare if I have any pouring issues.

Just made the move from an upright freezer myself with picnic taps to a keezer with perlick 525s. I use 6 ft of line per taP and it’s perfect. I do have one picnic taP and 4 faucets. Picnic tap lenght is only 5 ft and the pour is still good. I may be in the minority here, but my co2 tank is typically off. I only turn it On to push beer out when needed.

I agree. If I have any pouring issues it’s usually because I overcarbonated. :oops:

My pour is definitely a bit faster and more foamy through the perlicks. All else is the same CO2, utilized the same lines, no change in temp. It’s not horrible but quite a bit more foam than I prefer so I guess I’ll put on longer lines and experiment a bit.

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