Pitching yeast

after i cool my wort can i wait till the next day to pitch my yeast. Forgot to take my washed yeast out of the fridge and i want to brew tommorrow.My starter should go for 18 to 25hrs. Will let my yeast warm overnight

While not common practice, I believe that you can do this. Just make sure your vessel is sanitized and air tight until you can pitch.
I think I remember someone saying they had brewed and left it over the weekend before pitching, so you should be fine as long as you are careful.

Thanks DrG i thought that was right but wasnt real sure :cheers:

It is called , “no chill brewing”. Very common where water is in short supply, or tap water is to warm to cool the wort.

You don’t need to wait for it to warm. Go ahead and pitch.

Thanks for the response Josh ended up waiting an extra day kind anal about my beer and doing it by the books. Weather was crumby so another day didn’t matter

Right, I cold crash, decant and pitch cold all the time.

I’ve also let wort cool overnight. I put the lid on, cover with foil, then spray it down with Star San.