Pitching Yeast and Then Shaking for Oxygenation

Has anyone pitched their yeast in their carboy and then shook it vigorously? My understanding is you are supposed to oxygenate then put the yeast on top and air-lock it (maybe use a light stir). Well, I did switch it up not because I wanted to try something different, but because it is only my seocond batch/first all grain batch and I simply got mixed up…

I checked the fermenters (did a doube batch) and I seen one bubble come out of my blow off hose on one fermenter (this has dry yeast added) and did not see anything yet from the liquid yeast carboy. Also, with my first extract batch there was a bunch of activity early. There is no sign of activity in these batches other than the one bubble I seen today. I just air-locked them at 1:00am…and it is now about 1:00pm.

Should I be concerned here? If so, anything I can do?

Would apprecate the feedback.

Thank you.

doing it that way is fine. No harm done.

wait until 48 hours until you worry. fermentation will start soon, im sure.

the liquid yeast might take longer than the dry yeast. unless you made a starter. with liquid yeast it’s really beneficial to make a starter. it will get the number of yeast cells to a healthy pitching quantity. if you didn’t make a starter this time, it’s something to consider for next time

Shaking the fermenter with the dry yeast sprinkled in, specifically with a carboy, will help get the yeast dispersed and hydrated.

I’m a 72 hour guy. You will be fine.

I forget to aerate before i pitch all the time. Oddly enough I forgot to aerate one time all together and my fermentation started as usual and was actually very very active. Granted my top off water was bottled water and I assume that provided me with the oxygen. While one the subject, has anyone heard the rumors about not having to aerate with dry yeast?

i’ve heard that too. the yeast is supposed to have enough nutrients and reserves to ferment without added oxygen. i dont know the science behind this particular idea, but some on the forum do. I recall denny saying that adding O2 isn’t needed with dry yeast. that being said, i still aerate

I just checked my carboys again and they are both bubbling away in the blow-off bucket. All seems to be good. The dry yeast carboy and liquid yeast carboy are both releasing bubbles at the same time and virutually every second or two. Really cool. Thanks to all for your replies.

No need to aerate with dry yeast, but it does help kick off the fermentation faster - less than 12 hours is typical with US-05 and 1L of O2 for instance.

My last brew was a barleywine fermented with S-04. O G was 1.083 in a three gallon batch. I shook the heck out of the carboy before pitching the yeast. The wort was 62f and the yeast went straight from the fridge at 46 into the wort. I had signs of fermentation three hours later. I added enough honey the second day to add another 10 points or so. A week later it was down to 1.018 and tasted just a little harsh, which should be gone after a few weeks of aging.