Pitching too much yeast?

New brewer here. :slight_smile:

I’m doing experimental 1-gallon batches and most the yeast packages (either dry or liquid) are meant for 5-gallon batchs.

Is there ever a danger in “over”-pitching the yeast? Meaning can you get some weird things happening if you have too much yeast?

It seems to me that the rate-limiting step is the amount of ferment-able sugars in the wort and that once that is eaten up by the yeast, it goes dormant. So if I pitched too much yeast then the extra would just go dormant and fall to the bottom.


General consensus is that it’s very hard to over pitch on a homebrew level. You could easily get away with half a pack of dry in a 1 gallon batch and still likely be over pitching but you wont’ hurt anything either way.