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Pitching rate

I am brewing a brown ale with a og of 1.054. Should I pitch 1 or 2 Vail s of wlp 002. Thanks

I would make a 1 liter starter with one vial.

I wasn’t albe to make a starter and have already started my brew day. Not sure if 1 vail is enough.

See what says.

Thanks, I went to mr malty and it came out to 2 vails. I checked it this morning and the air lock was getting a workout.

It looks like it just about done fermenting! I am fairly new to brewing and that was the fastest I had beer ferment. Have I been under pitching?

Likely your fermentation temp is to high.

Temp was at 66. The recipe called 68.

Save yourself a few bucks in the future by making a starter instead of purchasing two vials.

Ambient or actual beer temp? Fermentation will easily rise 5* over ambient temps. If you have a really violent fermentation I would say 8* easily… That means if 66* was ambient your ferm temps were anywhere from 71* to 74*.

And save even more by saving the yeast cake and repitching it into the next couple batches!

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