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Pitching question

Ive been brewing for about three months now and I have a question about pitching the yeast. I have a gallon fermentor, so I use the one gallon kits. I have been getting kind of tired of eyeballing the yeast when I go to pitch it. I feel like for some batches, I put to little and others I put more than I should. So does anyone have any good tips on pitching?

do you use dry or liquid yeast?

the best option is to use with their yeast pitching calculator - then weighing out the dry yeast you need - or measuring volume of the liquid you need.

I’ve never done a 1-gallon kit, but my understanding is they tell you to pitch half the package?

Without knowing your recipe styles and gravities and just and speaking generally, you probably really need 20-40% of a yeast package for a 1-gallon recipe, so eyeballing a 1/2-pack would be generally good enough since over pitching is not as concerning as under pitching. Even if you eyeball out a 60-40 instead of 50-50; you’re not ruining either batch.

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