Pitching Lager Yeast

What is your preferred method of pitching lager yeast?

I before my brew fridge died, I used to chill the wort in it until it was 50 degrees, and would sprinkle a couple of packs of S-23 into it.

Well, now I have a small freezer with a controller, and I’m making a starter using Wyeast 2007.

I’m wondering if I should do the same, chill it in the freezer to 50, then pitch the starter, or just pitch it all at room temp, place it in the freezer and begin bring the temp down.

Any thoughts?

Why would you change your process using wet or dry yeast?

I always chill wort to 50ish prior to pitch. I believe the commonly accepted best practice for both ales and lagers is chill to or below your desired fermentation temp.

Thanks for the advice Danny. Do you bring your starter down the the lager temps also?

I typically cold crash my starters after they’re finished. Then I take it from the fridge, decant and pitch so the starter is usually at a lower temp than the wort.

OK, I started the starter this morning, with a Monday morning brew in mind. Maybe I’ll crash the starter tomorrow for a Tuesday morning lager brew. I took a few days off, so that will work. I can always brew a small lawnmower brew tomorrow.

Ale or lager, I chill to 2-3 degrees below fermentation temperature before I pitch yeast. I pitch the decanted yeast directly from the cold crashed starter or slurry. The whole batch warms up a couple of degrees together to hold at pitching temperature.

I have been doing this for a while, and it works for me.