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Pitch rate?

I am making the Black IPA from northern brewers. I bought a smack pack of Wyeast1272. The target OG for this beer is 1.075. I will ferment this at 68 degrees, that’s what my room temperature is. I don’t understand how to calculate the amount of yeast needed to get this beer correct. Can you help explain this yeast calculation and count? I have a stir plate and know I need to make a starter. ... alculator/

2l or so should work. Try to keep the starter gravity around 1.030-1.039

Try to keep the beer cooler, fermentation can add 5 to 10f at high krausen.

Also look at mrmalty. If you ferment at 68 ambient get ready for some real fruity black ipa.

The temp range for this yeast is 60 - 72. If you put a carboy in 68 degree ambient temps with this yeast, I would bet it ferments between 75 and 78. Look into a method to control those yeasties prior to pitching. You’ll still make beer fermenting too warm, but you will have off flavors. ... .cfm?ID=11

You can easily make yourself a swamp cooler. Get a cheap plastic tub(Lowes, Depot, Walmart) that your fermentor will fit into( there needs to be 4 or 5 inches of space around fermentor after it is placed in tub) and is at least half as tall as the fermentor. Put the fermentor in the tub, fill tub about 3/4 full with water, cover the fermentor with a towel that drapes into the water, then use frozen water bottles to chill the water. I try and keep the water about 2-4 degrees F cooler than I want the beer (I can easily keep the water in the mid to upper 50’s F). The thermal mass of the water controls the temp much better than ambient air.

You can also use a spare bathtub if you have one. I actually use our laundry sink–one of those deep square ones.

Good luck with the brew.


Yes. Controlling the temperature of the fermentation will do as much or more to improve this beer as getting an exact pitch rate.

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