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Pitch onto the WHOLE cake?

hi all,

brewing a dead ringer now, and just racked SWIPA off a US-05 cake (round 2 so far). this will be 3rd.

SWIPA OG was 1065 or so.

Dead Ringer target OG is also about 1065.

ok to just pitch on the whole darn cake?

is there a downside to too much yeast?

I would just be sure to watch your fermentation temps. That much yeast that is ready to rock is going to go crazy and create a lot of heat.

I have heard that over pitching can be bad but I have done exactly what you are planning with a similar gravity beer and did not have any problems.

maybe I’ll pour a little off, or stash some for next batch.
I usually use 1/2 cake for this OG.

but then again… I’ve never pitched on a whole cake, what the heck!

when you say “watch the ferm temps”??
you mean make sure it is right ON (mid 60’s in this case)


You would only need a third of the cake. You could have two mason jars for later beers if you seperated it into thirds.

yup, I was thinking the same thing, I just poured half of it off into a pint jar.


[quote=“newbrewermel”]when you say “watch the ferm temps”??
you mean make sure it is right ON (mid 60’s in this case)[/quote]Pitch the yeast into 62F wort, let rise to 64F, and hold it there (beer temp, not ambient).

gotcha, thanks!

If you pour off the top two thirds, what’s left is going to be about 50% dead yeast. You’d be better off pouring off two thirds and using all or half of that. The bottom part is the crap you don’t want.

I gave it a good mix and swirl before I poured off some.

Not questioning you, but where did you get these figures?

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