Pirates Plunder Finishing Gravity

Hi there,

I’m trying out a Pirates Plunder Extract Kit and ended up with a final gravity of 1.014. This seems awful high to me and was wondering if anyone else has given this kit a try and what their results were.

Best as I could tell the primary fermentation was plenty active and didn’t get stuck so I’m not sure why the gravity is so high. Just don’t want to end up with a case full of bottle bombs.

Thanks in advance for any help you all can provide.

Looks normal (ish) to me.

Why do you think it should finish lower?

Thanks for the reply. It just seemed to me, with the listed O.G. Of 1.064, and i only got a 1.059, that my ending gravity was pretty high considering this is an ipa and I was expecting a higher abv. I don’t have much experience with ipa’s though so I wasn’t sure what to think. I’ll give it a shot though and see how it turns out.

I have similar question, i tested 2 days ago and it was at 1.020 and today it is same. Is it finished?

Likely it’s done. Has it been 14 days from brew day?

Have you tested your hydrometer in RO/DI water to see if it’s accurate?

Sometimes extract will finish high like that. It will still be a good beer.

Mine finished at 1.014. bottled and carbed with no problems.

It’s all good.

For extract brew that seems pretty well done to me. In my experience 1.012 is the lowest I have ever gotten with extract brewing. The process of creating the extract seems to produce some unfermentables. I have even had an extract brew finish at 1.020 & had no resulting bottle bombs. You will be just fine.

Just finished Pirates Plunder too. Came in with a FG of 1.019. Been sitting on the yeast cake for 6 weeks. Could being a little too cold during fermentation cause it to finish high? My brew was at 63-64 degrees.

I just checked the gravity on mine that’s been fermenting for about three weeks. It’s at 1.008 but I used Nottingham yeast because I already had some on hand. Nottingham always seems to chew away really well for me.

Edit: It fermented in the low 60’s (60-62) for the first 10 days or so then I’ve let it gradually rise to about 66 right now.