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Pinot Grigio

Did my first wine making kit a couple of months ago, the Vintners Reserve Pinot Noir and am ready to try a white wine. Been looking at the Wine Expert Selection Italian Pinot Grigio and was wondering if anyone on this forum has had any experience with it or could recommend a good white kit. Of course it’s for the wife and her only request is it not be too oaky, she’s not much of a Chardonnay drinker. Unfortunately she likes beer as well so I need to lure her away from my homebrew. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

If you can get a hold of either of this year’s LE series whites, you can never really go wrong. The ladies love the Pacific Quartet.

From the Selection series, I would put forward the idea of the Symphony. Very nice fruit to it, ages well. Great Summer wine. Viognier is popular too, but I find it takes a while to come into its own.

Any other specifics as far as preferences? I’m not a huge fan of Pinot Grigio in general, so had for me to comment there.

Dry, or do you like a hint of sweetness? Slightly off-dry wines work well with salty / spicey, and tend to be nice sipping wines.

Sipping wine, Food wine, or both?

Thanks for the reply, I appreciate it very much. She does like dry wines primarily but not much on the real sweet ones. I’ll check out your suggestions, thanks again.

When I mention dry or off-dry, I’m not really thinking of anything too sweet. Something like the Pacific Quartet, or even a Gewurztraminer are about a 1 on the sweetness scale, and can ballance much better with certain foods than something that is completely dry.

Dryness can also be enhanced by the acidity of the wine, regardless of the sugar content.

Symphony is a nice middle ground I find. Dry, but not acidic. Has a very nice fruit profile, but without the sweetness of the Quartet.

The other LE series blend from this year should also be very nice (and it is dry). South African Viognier/Chenin-Blanc/Roussanne. It would be a very safe bet if you can find one.

IMO you can find something way more interesting than the Selection Pinot Grigio.


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