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Pineapple wheat beer

I have a partial recipe on a Pineapple YUM YUM it tells me everything except when to add the 2 pound o pineapple. I just need info on if you add at end of boil or in the fermenter or do in a secondary.

I always add fruit after the main fermenation is over usually to a secondary


Not sure what your recipe is like but every time I’ve used pineapple it’s been pretty sour. Remember that the sugars are going to be fermented.

When I add fruit it’s in the secondary.

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I add it to my breakfast glass… In fact… I’ve been fortunate enough to imbibe on some a few days after the new year… It’s also just like a taste of heaven… perhaps…
In beer… ain’t gonna happen.

Post that recipe I’m curious. Wondering how pineapple would go in a gose. I’ll bet @damian_winter has a recipe

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I would think you can get close to pineapple with a hope like eldorado… other ppls ideas: Best hop / hop combination to get a pineapple flavor | Community | BeerAdvocate

I’ve made a pineapple gose. Super sour with the lower pH and sugarless pineapple. Next time I would limit the pH of the sour and utilize the sourness of the pineapple more.

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Sorry everyone been super busy lately with work and my book. For Pineapple I like to use juice in most my recipes 0 minute addition 96 oz for 5.5 gallon batch. I also add a little Citra and Azacca Hops. Together they really give a nice Pineapple aroma.


You could dry hop with some BRU-1


I perfer Dole myself lol. For your Gose i would mash a little higher to have some unfermentable sugars to help sweeten the Pineapple flavor. I do a Berliner with Pineapple and aways mash high with perfect results of achieving the flavor and not too tart and sour.

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I’m a Dole guy myself, especially with Pineapple.

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