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Pin Lock vs. Ball Lock kegging system

I’m sure this isn’t the first time this forum has seen this question , but would there be any reason why I should not purchase a Pin Lock kegging system for my first kegging setup ??

Both are good systems. I would recommend using a swivel nut and purchasing the threaded quick connects as then it doesn’t matter which kegs you get because you are just a simple connect change away from being able to use both.

I will say that pin locks are shorter with a bigger diameter. They also lack a pressure relief valve (you can do this by pushing the poppet of the gas in). With this said it appears the ball locks are running out QUICKLY as I have noticed they are harder to get.

You would be fine with either.

Not all pin locks lack the pressure relief valve.

+1 to the threaded disconnect.

+2 for the threaded disconnects.
You can also replace the lids or add a PRV if they do not have one.

Thanks for the info. Two pin-locks on the way

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