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Pin lock to ball lock?

I have 4 ball lock corneys and love not bottling. I love that it takes 5 seconds to pop a co2 line and picnic tap from one keg to the next and switch beers. My next step is faucets on the basement fridge.

My bro-in-law just gave me 2 pin lock corneys which are in good shape. I don’t want to go through the trouble of buying connectors for pin locks and have to unclamp my co2 line etc each time I want to switch over from one type to the other.


Can I buy hardward to switch out the posts on a pin lock corney and replace them with ball lock hardware? Is it worth the hassle and cost?

If it can’t be done or is not worth the hassle then I will have 2 pin lock corneys to give away to someone in the north Chicago burbs.

As always, thanks very much for the great advice.

That’s a pretty good price.
In the future, you may only be able to find pin-lock kegs. They have their benefits and you might want to think about getting some pin-lock disconnects. Use the flare-fittings and you can swap out in a minute. You could also put a T-fitting on your CO2 line with a pin-lock on one side and ball-lock on the other.


I know where there are 30,000 ball lock kegs that they are selling to brew shops so it will be awhile but the price will be about $50 a keg retail.

May we partake?

You can buy from them for $37.50 ea but they don’t ship, there just north of the Twin Cites 25 miles or so.

[quote=“TG”]That’s a pretty good price.
In the future, you may only be able to find pin-lock kegs. They have their benefits [/quote]

Most of the ball locks I’ve seen are converted Pins - what’s the advantage to them being pin lock?

Pros - Real pin-locks are a little shorter and wider than ball-locks. I use pin-locks to ferment in because they fit in my short fermentation fridge better. The gas-in and beer-out posts are next to each other and the pins are different so it’s a lot harder to try to use the wrong post. The metal is a bit thicker. They are just a bit larger volume than ball-locks (although there are 2 heights 22 and 23"). The beer diptube is straight so you don’t have to fiddle with it to get it to go in the right spot.

Cons - they are wider so I use ball-locks in my serving fridge. Often the lids don’t have ring pressure relief valves. I haven’t seen any 2, 3, 10 or 15 gallon versions.


Given the 2 or 3 kegs I’ve had leak at the PRV, this seems like a ‘pro’ to me :wink:

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