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Pin lock kegs

I recently bought two used pin lock kegs, Everyone has said that I should clean them out, but I do not have a pin lock post socket, so was wandering if anyone new of any tools that would work out for taking the posts off of a pinlock keg, thanks for your time

opened wrench. 13/16th or 7/8th.

Take a dremel/grinder to a socket. Check the pawn shops for a spark plug socket.

You can definitely make one cheaper than you can buy one. You would think that there would be enough demand that someone would be selling cheap ones by now.

I also have pin locks and I made my own socket from a 13/16 socket. If you know any machinist its a 5 min job.

I use a crescent wrench. Just tip it up about 45 degrees so it misses the pins.

thanks guys, I tried just regular sockets with no luck didnt have a size big enough, already tried crescent wrench no luck again wrench to small, gonna get some big boy sockets tomorrow and go from there, thanks ya ll any other advice would be graciously excepted

I bought a deep drive socket meant for spark plugs from Menards for a couple bucks and used my Dremel to cut out the slots myself. Works great.

got it all taken apart and cleaned got first batch in my keg AK 47 mild ale, Used a crescent wench, pliers and aggressive persuasion Thanks guys for all the help sells these sockets…at least thye used to. That’s where I got mine. They’re owned by a guy who runs a machine shop and make conveyor rollers – so he makes them himself.

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