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Pin lock keg question

Just picked up some pin lock kegs, my question is how to remove the poppets. They have 3 pins sticking out and can’t see how to get a wrench on them to remove for cleaning. Wondering how everyone else removes them. Thanks!

Some use a socket with notches like this: … -tool.html

I just use an adjustable wrench tipped up 45 degrees.

Thanks TG, ill try the wrench first, the socket at NB is $30!

I have heard some people will take an old socket and cut some notches in it.

I did this very thing. Bought a spark plug socket from Menards and used my Dremel to cut out notches that fit over the pins. Works great!

I ended up having the machinist at my work cut the notches for me and I already had the socket. I think it took him 5 minutes total.

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