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Pin Lock Keg Fitting leaking

Can someone help me with suggestions? There seems to be no visible leaks but when I attach the keg fitting on my pin lock keg beer starts leaking out? I got the fittings a couple of months ago and it’s just now started. I’ve been carbing the kegs at 6-8psi. I thought maybe there was too much carbonation but that doesn’t seem to fix it all the way when I take pressure out the keg. Any suggestions would be appreciated!

So when the keg is under pressure with no QD attached to the liquid post there’s no leakage? Then when you attach the QD it leaks around the QD/post? Sounds like a bad or missing o-ring to me. Poppet must be OK or it would leak when the QD is off.

Sounds to me like a bad liquid QD.

The beer leaks a little after I take off the QD then it stops. Makes me think either an o ring or something but I check and all seem to be fine.

So it doesn’t leak when the QD is on but leaks just for a few seconds after you pull the QD off?

No it leaks with the QD is one. I think it may be a bad o ring.

All I use is pins… Take the disconnect apart… Check the seals… Make sure you assemble it correctly too…
I seat my kegs with 40 psi’s…
Did I say that poppet valves…or shall I say… Guts are cheap… Sneezles61


The poppet and/or spring could be on there backwards. That’s where I would start.

I only have ball lock kegs but I assume the posts are made about the same way. If the poppet were bad it would leak without the QD in place if it’s under pressure.

Thanks! I took apart the QD and put a new spring in and still is leaking. I have some o rings coming to replace the o ring to see if that is the problem.

This o-ring would be my prime suspect. Also, keg lube helps both sealing and extending the life of O-rings and similar gaskets.

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Very nicely done Steve!! Sneezles61

@sneezles61 Thanks. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut on occasion. :slight_smile:

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