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Pin lock - disconnect doesn't seal firmly?

I’ve got two pin lock kegs that seem to be of different makes. On one, the gas disconnect makes a nice firm seal when I attach it - it’s actually takes a fair bit of pushing to get the collar locked onto the pins.

On the second, the disconnect goes on easily, and has a lot of wiggle. I can also push it straight down a good 1/8" - 1/4". If I apply pressure I can also hear gas escaping with even a tiny bit of sideways force applied to the disconnect.

Is it possible that there are different kinds of pin lock posts that require different disconnects? Or is it more likely that I have something like a broken post?

UPDATE: It’s the disconnect. I’m not sure exactly what’s wrong with it, but I just thought to try swapping the gas lines, and now it’s the other keg I can’t get a good seal on.

I had something similar happen…I put the gas disconnect on the post and heard gas escaping so i gently pushed down on it and gave it a slight wiggle and it stopped

Also i forgot to mention i used some keg lube on the post O ring as well

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