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Pilsner vs american 2row

I’m doing a string of German inspired beers. One is an alt ~60 % Pilsner, 30% Munich I, 10% caramunich, and A small amount of chocolate wheat. The second will be a wheat beer that uses wlp011 from the alt and 60% pilsner, 40% wheat. I’ve never used pilsner malt before, does it have any characteristics that would be key to these recipes and make it a better choice rahr 2 row?

I hope someone can give you a better answer than this, I feel that the pils malt has a grainy kind of flavor to it, you can’t get from anything else. So to me that’s the base I choose for lagers, Alts, Kolsch, wheats, Blondes, and Belgians. It’s mainly because I like the pils malt flavor, plus it really works great with Vienna and Munich malts. Hope someone else speaks up. Also noticed you picked WLP 011. That and WLP 029 are my favs for Blondes and Euro ales. I don’t think you can go wrong to give it a try, so you can experience that taste for your self. Good luck!

I agree with Old Guy. The pils gives a grainy and almost sweetish flavor that you don’t get from other grains. If you are using a lot of specialty malts, you might overwhelm that, but for light lagers it really does shine though.

Have you tried wlp011 in an alt? I’m going for a northern style alt although its a shot in the dark because I’ve only had one alt and I’m not sure which type it was. I like to plan at least 2 beers every time I buy yeast and thought Wlp 011 would also be a good fit for a Wheat beer, minus the banana/clove flavor that I don’t care for.

Sorry I didn’t get back to you, I was brewing a weizen and just finished. I actually used that in a Kolsch
because the profile said malt accentuated, it was lite @ 1.044, but I thought it made it more malt strong tasting than it was. The WLP 029 is what I used for my Alt, it’s a little more hop accentuated, which is what I wanted in it, my recipe had some darker malts in it for the balance. Both seem really clean, and not fruity, so for me there’s a lot of ales this could be used for. Hope that info is what you were looking for…B.C.

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