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Pickled Green Tomatoes Recipe

Anyone have a recipe for pickled green tomatoes? I pickled some a few years ago and the recipe wasn’t to good. I don’t have that recipe anymore, I threw it away with the green tomatoes I pickled. I have a couple tomatoes plants that the frost hasen’t got to yet but the small tomatoes haven’t gotten any bigger. I’m going to pull the plants out and grind the up for compost. I got to thinking if I had another pickling recipt for green tomatoes I may give pickling them another try insted of throwing them away.


I don’t have a good recipe but I love pickled green tomatoes.

Green Tomato relish is a good use of the year end greenies…I love it. 32 years old, and am using the same recipe my great grandparents used since the depression. I am also using their WWII era cast iron grinder.

Scroll about half way down the page. ... c=10255.15
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