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Picked Up 3 Yeasts - Matching Yeast with Recipe

My wife went to the local home brew shop and they provided WLP005 (British Ale Yeast), WLP013 (London Ale Yeast), and WLP023 (Burton Ale Yeast) for a Scottish 70, Dark Mild and Deschutes Obsidian Stout Clone. None of the yeasts given matched the yeasts in the recipe. The store is closed for the weekend and too far away to consider swapping out the yeast.

What yeasts do you think best matches the recipes?

Any of those yeasts will work. Maybe the Burton strain for the stout. The other two are interchangeable.

I would use the wlp005 for the Scottish it produces malty beers and for your stout London ale is cleaner and less Easter than Burton ale yeast but both will make a great stout

Thanks guys!

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