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Pick up tube question

I have a beer being force carbed right now. I went to check on it’s progress by pouring a pint. Only problem is, I only got have of a pint glass full and it stopped!!! :shock:

Could the dip tube be turned in the bottom of the keg from tightening the poppet valve? I really don’t think it is clogged because I didn’t see anything flow through the tube when I racked from the secondary.

If the dip tube is spun to the side at the bottom. Will I be ok depressurizing the keg, correcting the alignment and then hitting it with CO2 again?

This one tastes too good to only get a half pint :frowning:


I doubt the dip tube is being blocked by the bottom of the keg. Something is plugging it. Either at the bottom or in the poppet.

I hate those kegs with a bent dip tube and no “ear” slots to prevent spinning when you turn tighten the post! I hope the engineer who designed it was sacked.

Anyway, I don’t think a misaligned dip tube would be the cause of your problem. You probably wouldn’t have gotten anything through the faucet if this were the issue.

If I were to experience this problem, I would first double-check that the keg didn’t lose pressure unexpectedly. If that wasn’t the cause, I would then disassemble the liquid side hardware, inspect and reassemble. Just remember to keep a sprayer of Starsan handy for the reinstall process (I only say this, because I’ve forgotten it before :oops: ). If you didn’t disassemble and and rebuild the keg during your cleaning process in between batches, it’s possible something from the last batch got stuck in the poppet valve.

I hope that helps. Let us know how it goes.

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