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Pic of my first harvest

Hi All, this is my Wyeast 3522 that I containerized on Monday, it’s been in the fridge since. I’ll be using it in the coming week. Being my first harvest, I’m assuming the thin white layer is what I’m hoping to utilize. At this point, how can I get what I need w/o all the trub? I was thinking to agitate the entire container again, let it settle and pour off? Any words of wisdom for an apprentice?

Pour off the top beer while it is cold, add some boiled, cooled water (not a lot) shake up, let the heavy stuff settle and then pour off.

Thank you!

yeah, that is a lot of trub.
Here is what mine looks like

It seems easy enough to dump the beer, rinse the trub/yeast and pour into other sterilized containers. As a new comer to this awesome hobby, I find myself in certain spots where I’m not sure what to look for. Learning’s half the fun. Drinking the brew is better. Cheers!

and knowing is half the battle :wink:

Here’s a pic of my yeast harvested on Monday. It’s for a buddy to make bread with. I poured 1 gallon of water into my carboy, swirled it up, turned it sideways and let the trub settle for about 10 minutes. Then I just lifted up the back of carboy and filled up this jar. I dumped the rest because it was from a porter and was 5th generation.

Nice pic’s. If you were going to use it for brewing, would you pitch the entire jar or pour off the water/beer mixture?

Pour off the liquid and pitch and only if it was less than a month after harvesting. Longer than that and I’d build a starter.

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