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Pic: Floaties in Furious?

I cracked a can of Surly Furious tonight. I don’t ever have this unless its on tap.

When I poured it into my glass, there were tons of yeast specs, I would even say chunks in a few cases.

Are a Surly beers can conditioned? It seems weird that there would be so much sediment in here.

This was canned way back in 2012…November or December. It tastes fine…thought the hops are quit a bit faded from time.

See attached.

Did it taste like yeast? In really hoppy beers when the hops drop out they can literally drop out. The one time I saw a bottle of Avery Maharaja in a local store, I picked it up and it looked like a snow globe. I think it was about 9 or 10 months old at that point. Needless to say, I did not purchase that bottle.

Not uncommon for unfiltered (and even some filtered) craft beers to flocculate after a long time. One of the few downsides of cans is you can’t see inside to know how gently to pour.

Not surprising to see that from a can that sat for a good stretch of time. Unless something changed recently Surly does not filter their beer, they do have a centrifuge now but that won’t get everything. I’ll get the same thing if I let a bottle/can of unfiltered beer sit cold for a long time and don’t pour very carefully,

Thanks guys.

I wasn’t sure if Surly filtered or not.

But it sounds like it may also be hops dropping out too.

It was really old.

I only finished about half of it. It tasted fine…but when you can literally feel the particulates going down with the beer, it’s kind of nauseous.

they filter

Not that it really matters nor am I 100% certain but I’m pretty sure you’re incorrect unless filtering is something very new.

Yeah if you do a Google search you’ll see that they do not filter.

well centrifuge…

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