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Pic: A Different Kind of Mashtun Filter

Pictures attached.

My dad works in plumbing & heating wholesale. He constructed our first generation mashtun using the customary mesh braid and ball valve.

It works okay. We had a few stuck sparges, but mostly it just ran off really slow. Like, so the point where it would take almost two hours for the first runoff and the sparge.

I know this is supposed to be a controlled process, but the light trickle we got just didn’t seem right.

So, my dad thought about using a high temp water filter that he sells at work. They’re designed for industrial high temp water filtration.

He picked one up along with a couple of fittings and designed our new mashtun.

We ran two batches through it yesterday. I’ll tell you what…this thing runs of clear! We did the wourloff twice for good measure, but the first runnings were perfect!

We’re able to get a full power draining of the mashtun! The mash water drains out from start to finish in about 15 minutes.

When we batch sparge, we slow the rate down to about half so the grains have time to rinse.

The wort actually ran backwards, away from the filter, and then back down through the grains and out the nozzle.

For cleaning, the filter snaps on and off of the spiggot from the inside. Run some water through it and you’re good as new!

All in all, the parts were about $34 with shipping.

This is a 60 grade mesh, but it can go as fine as 220.

Not sure why you and issues with the water line braid. It was metal and not plastic?

What is the manufacture/part number for the screen you are using?

It’s nice that you showed, can you tell some also? :wink:

It was a vinyl braid. So yes, we did attribute that to the issues…the braid was probably getting crushed under the weight of the grains, among other things.

I’ll dig up the part info and post back.

Here’s a link to the manufacturer page of this product.

We didn’t need the housing component, just the filter on the inside: ... er-filters

[quote=“stompwampa”]Here’s a link to the manufacturer page of this product.

We didn’t need the housing component, just the filter on the inside: ... er-filters[/quote]

Lots of info to wade threw there. What part number did you use?

Yes, the plastic water line covers do not work. It must be the SS mesh ones.

Pretty sure it was the 1 1/4" Spin Down Filter, Product Number 1-1/4-60 HT-F


Scratch that. here is the one we used.


I use a BIAB bag to line my mash tun on top of a bazooka filter. No stuck mashes since then, and when my old pump died in the middle of a mash I just pulled the bag and dropped it into my kettle to finish as a standard BIAB. The bag also lets me crush much finer and improve my efficiency.

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