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Photo album of my keezer project just poured my first beer! ... 67e51d56ed

Just finished today. Sanitized and tested the perlicks. Two of them exploded water everywhere several times front the front before I got a good fit in the grooves. there must be some trick to this that I am missing. If anyone knows please do tell!

Otherwise I poured my first beer today! Perfect pour with 9 ft line.

Phase 2 of this project involves covering the middle with wanescoating or something like that and adding a drip tray.

Nice work. What was the first pour?

10 homebrews says its a Rye IPA.

It’s was Denny’s Rye Smiles IPA All Grain recipe :slight_smile: Good guess!

nice job, six taps should keep ya brewing steady to keep those taps flowing. 8)

Congrats, and nice build! There’s just something extra satisfying about pulling a nice draft homebrew. Bottles are okay - nothing against bottles - but life just changed for the better somehow when I installed my taps.

Nice, very nice craftsmanship…but why put the taps and lines in the moveable top rather than collar? Seems like a tangled mess waiting to happen, no? Or are you going to secure a part of the lines to the top so they do not become entangled?

Stormy, I didn’t like the way it looked with the freezer top on. That was my original plan but I said hey i can make a whole replacement top, these brackets are pretty strong. and it looks fantastic!

i don’t plan to open it too often. I am using velcrow strips to keep the lines sorted at least a little bit.

As long as I keep things velcrowed and looped well it shouldn’t get tangled too badly(i hope)

My lines are 9 ft long so I just coil them up and keep them tidy.

yea, afterwards i was thinking that if they were secured in place, then trailing down at the back/bottom of the lid to the kegs, entanglement could be minimized.

again, quality work.


Step one: Install kegerator.
Step two: Brew to fill kegerator.
Step three: Begin QC taste testing regularly.
Step four: Brew again because you did too much QC before you invited your friends.
Step five: Invite friends.
Step six: Enjoy kegerator with friends.
Step seven: Notice that all parties are suddenly at your house.
Step eight: Notice that your friends are over even when there is no party.
Step nine: Brew all the time to keep taps flowing.
Step ten: Notice that all of your shirts are too tight in the stomach area.
Step eleven: Realize that none of this bothers you, grab another beer and bask in your own magnificence.

I’m in the reverse situation. I stopped making beer for a month to work on this project and all i had was one keg of Denny’s Rye Smiles IPA. I just had to dump it tonight because I have to clean the keg and return it to

i bought 4 of their kegco kegs for $300. Seemed like a good deal at the time for 4 brand new stainless kegs but the quality just is not there. I had to take a hammer to destroy a ball lock connector on one of them and the others were EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO REMOVE. These are kegs that beveragefactory contracted some chinese company to make specifically for them to resell. It appears they have more work to do. They said they had a new batch coming off the boat in about a month from China. I told them I was not interested :slight_smile:

For some reason they are EXTREMELY difficult to remove the black ball lock connectors especially after temperature changes, etc…

They must know about the problem because they offered to have fedex come pick them up at no cost and are giving me a full refund. But now that means I have a keezer without beer in it and none in queue! I NEED TO GET BREWING IMMEDIATELY!

Oh and I gotta buy a whole bunch of used corny’s once I get my refund ha!

Great build! I am rebuilding the inside of my collar on my build because it is way off center (crooked 2 x 6s). You have inspired my to go get a beer and get the saws going again! Enjoy.

Haha, thought that one was fairly obvious. Nice work, sure put some dough into that one with all those tap handles, those aren’t cheap!

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