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Phone support discontinued at northern brewer

HAHA…love this. I do that exact thing almost everytime I buy yeast because I’m usually pitching or making a starter when I get home. I’d love to hear what they think is wrong with that! It’s a perfectly reasonable way to let the yeast prooof until you’re ready to brew.

We had a “know it all” shop nearby for a couple of years. They’re out of business now.

And the non-phone support is slipping too.

I recently ordered 3 kits, When they arrived, I unpacked and noticed a pack of yeast was missing from the order. -simple mistake, should not be a big deal.- I used the online support link, to report the missing item and to request a reship. It was almost 2 days before they responded, saying, “We have had an influx of customer contacts” but could send the missing satchel the next day. The one request I made, “Please send me the tracking number. so I can make sure the yeast isn’t left on my front porch all day.” 3 days later I emailed again asking if the reorder shipped, and could I please get the tracking number. Another couple days after that the yeast arrived, and sat on my porch for hours because I hadn’t arranged for it to be brought in. I never did get a reply to either email about the tracking. I would have been less-unhappy if they replied, “I don’t have access to tracking.” but to flat-out ignore two e-mails is just unacceptable.

Not saying it’s happening at NB, but I’ve seen in larger companies, after-sale support is seen as just a ‘cost center’ which cuts into profit, and therefore is generally the front line in ‘cost-cutting’ sacrifices. What they fail to consider is that after-sale support is what makes customers “sticky” Which is when customers come back to you without even considering your competition. Shi**y after-sale support is what makes customers say, “I’m never going back there, even if they are cheaper.”


You’re spot on @jmck

Wasn’t like that in the past at NB. Even after the big beer buyout. Seems to have begun since they sold it off. I’d guess NB lost some good managers when the buyout took place, who got backfilled or replaced by corporate types and now that they’ve pulled out there’s a vacuum there and everything is in react mode.

You guys are making me nervous… I really HAVE to go down there in a few weeks… I’m not in the idea of driving for a couple hours to find they don’t have stuff… I’ll try all the contact info they provide… see if there is a human behind that mask

Can you place an order online for pickup at the store?

I thought about that… Let’s try administration category first… We’ll see if there is heartbeat behind the mask!
EDIT: I have 2 inquiries out there…

One thing that might not be apparent in my posts is that my rant was only regarding the online customer support. The customer service at the retail store has not changed. They are always very knowledgeable and very helpful. I don’t see much change in personnel at the retail store. So whatever is going on is at the corporate level.

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