Phenolic aroma

I have 25 gallons of 1.100 og clover fermenting now. I racked at 1.024 sg. Temps got cold low 60’s and stalled. Set up high on counter turned my house heat up. And is slowly fermenting but no visible airlock activity. 3 weeks after racking its sg is 1.016.

I made it by bringing water to boil with dap, cacl and mgso4 then turned off and added honey to hot water to pasturize. Then transferred to 2 heat sanitized SS steel fermenters,sealed and cooled over night. Pitched 4 packs cote de blanc yeast packets per fermenter directly to must following morning.

It’s still young about 2 month into fermentation and starting to clear. I smell some medicinal aromas but it tastes pretty decent with sweet honey dominating the phenols.

Do you think phenols will dissipate with age?

I have not made a lot of meads but I did have a broggot turn out medicinal once years ago.