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Phat Tyre pitching temp

My Phat Tyre Amber Ale recipe states pitch yeast at 78 degrees or lower, is that a good idea or what temp should I pitch

What yeast did you select for the kit?

Safale US-05 Ale

Don’t go by the recipe. Go by the temps listed on the packet of yeast for best results. Should be in the mid to lower 60s to pitch.

US-05 is cleanest at low to mid 60’s, and will produce esters in the upper 60’s lower 70’s - which might work well for this beer. I would definitely try to get under 70 if you can, maybe even aim for 65. Fermentation will produce some heat, and it will rise a few degrees once active.

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Hold the fermentation temperature at 66° to 68°F with US-05. The yeast will produce peach esters below 65°. The peach esters will be noticeable in a lightly flavored beer like Phat Tyre. You can let the temperature rise to 68° to 70°F after four to five days of active fermentation.

Thanks for your help guys

I do my fat tire clone with Belgium yeast which I’ve found improved it so if you cant keep it cool enough for s05 try wl530

By the way I learned in the book “brew like a monk” the original fat tire recipe was a Belgian yeast it was changed to American ale yeast because consumers went ready for Belgians. New Belgium’s Abbey ale may be that beer

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