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pH on Beersmith

Just curious. I may not understand water all that well, but why is it that when I make my salt additions to my recipe in beersmith, then go to my mash tab, the estimated pH does not change? I thought that adding salts impacted pH.


That’s a good question… From my what little I know, salts alter the way the hops or malt taste… I understand they are positive charged, which should also lower pH… But in water with minerals, it may take quite a bit to move the pH… RO and distilled will show the results better…
When I first tinkered with water pH, I used the gyp and chloride… I didn’t see much change, si I put in more… I made some not so good brews… Then I switched to acid additions… It took time to figure things out but it’s good now Sneezles61


Often, the small amounts of CaCl and CaSo4 added to adjust water for a particular profile
have only a little impact on pH(lowering it ). As @sneezles61 stated, lactic acid, phosphoric, or citric acid(or use of acidulated malt) will be a much more powerful tool to lower mash pH.


What @voodoo_donut said!

Although I love Beersmith as a recipe buildier and use it for all brew days, I do not trust the pH correction/acid model Brad uses in BS3. I’ve been using Brunwater for years along with a pH meter and I trust BW implicitly. To the point that I stopped using my meter for a long time. BS3 recommends MUCH larger additions of acid than are required and will put your pH way below what you’re shooting for. Oddly Brad has received this input from many BS3 users and stands by his acid model as being correct.


And I don’t use any of the online calculators… I’m too much left handed to learn sumpin’ new… :nerd_face: Sneezles61

I agree. I have been using 50% of the recommended amount of acid, taking a measurement, and adjusting from there. I am no expert, but I do believe the flaw is in not adjusting for pH after salt additions and

I correct to 5.9 for light brews… Once mashed in ill check after 15 minutes and my pH ends in the 5.2-5.4 range… I don’t add much if anything after that… Sneezles61

No, I’ve traded emails with Brad about it. Its the model that he uses to calculate acid density or something like that. He’s fully aware but feels it’s accurate. I really don’t understand because it’s way off from real world application.

Now wouldn’t that be a great interview on Beersmith? Martin and Brad talking about their acid trips… I mean programs… Sneezles61

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