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pH meters?

Hello I am wondering what pH meter you guy would recommend my budget is $50-75. An stupid proof lol never use a pH meter before?

I’d skip it, as it’ll end up being more expensive. You’ll get mad at it, throw it against the wall, and break it. Then you’ll spend the $100 on a milwaukee mw102 and be out the original $50.

I don’t know I use a ph107 which was cheaper than that and it seems to work fine. I only use it for sours. My mash pH was always within reason so I don’t even bother checking it. I guess it depends on how anal you are about stuff like that. Of course I’m taking a home brewers perspective.

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My ph meter is Martin Brungard :joy:

No seriously, I own one. It’s up there on the shelf.

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I have a Martini Instruments ph55. I think it was in your price range. I’m happy with it.

I’m the same as voodoo_donut. I have a Milwaukee 101 and haven’t used on a brew for several years. I’ll occasionally use it to see if my bucket of Starsan is still good. Kind of wish I’d never bought the thing.

All have ever used is the old fashion PH strips. After determining my mash PH is good with my water supply then forget them.

Are they really that inaccurate? I will admit they are a little hard to read. I don’t mind spending the money on a meter if it’s worth while.

After just a few uses I had more and more problems with calibration. Frustrating in the middle of a busy brew day. I don’t need that. I like to brew to relax…I also don’t have the time to keep returning things that are crap.

I’m pretty anal about pH as some of you know. My well water changes seasonally and I like to keep on top of it. I’m particular about kettle pH in some beers as well.

Good example is the vienna lager I’m brewing today. I mashed in at 5.4, treated the sparge to hit 5.2 in the kettle but got 5.3 so I added a bit more acid to get 5.2. Couldn’t have done that without a meter on hand.

Long story short…I get why some of you feel you don’t need a meter and there have been plenty of brew sessions where I don’t use it but I’ll always keep one around.

I didn’t pay attention to mine, tipped over and dried out… :disappointed: I’ll need to get some pH calibrating solution to set back up again. More bottled water to store it in, hope it won’t tip again… Does that help? Sneezles61

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