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pH meter electrode replacement

My milwaukee ph55 meter has gone on the fritz. Haven’t been able to get it to calibrate the last couple of brew days so just relied on brunwater which has pretty much always been spot on.

I let the meter electrode dry out a couple of times. First time i was able to calibrate it afterwards and it seemed to work fine. The last time no such luck…

Just ordered a replacement electrode for $30. Not too much to spend for peace of mind even though it seems like overkill with brunwater.

I ditched my pH meter years ago when Bru’n water came out. After about 10 batches with the figures being .01-.02 off I no longer used it. Maintaining it was too much with those figures.


Same here, if I didn’t make sour beers then I wouldn’t use it at all. It’s a nice tool when brewing with bacteria, but for a monoculture beer I think Brun’ Water pretty much makes it obsolete.

I’ve had my water tested 3 times and there was a little variance from season to season so I guess that’s why I keep using the meter. It’s really not enough to change the additions much though.

I can’t use those online calculators… So as I keep tinkering with my water and adjustments I need to have it to verify whats going on… Some of my brews I really don’t need to check… BUT… Someday my confidence will allow me to let go… Mine has dried out twice… Sneezles61

You can get an entire new meter on Amazon for less than $20 that works just fine – it’s what I’ve used for a couple years, never a problem with it.

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