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PH Measurement

Made the leap forward to start measuring PH. Majority of the brews I have made have come out good, but when I use a good portion of wheat, sometimes there is an astringency ( also fly sparge) . Yesterday, tried batch sparging for the first time, along with measuring PH with a Milwaukee PH 55- calibrated correctly. The LHBS told me to check PH right after dough in. Is that correct?

The reading was 6.2- added 2.9% of acid malt and hoped for the best ( 4.5# Wey light wheat- 4,5# Castle Pilsner) First running was 5.3 amazing- have no idea how I got there, which leads me to believe my first sample ( from the top of the mash right after dough in) was faulty and the beer god got to me to the correct ph.

Could have been correct. The distilled water pH of Wheat Malt can be up near 6.0. However, I find that it can sometimes take 5-10 minutes, or more, for the pH to stabilize. That probably depends on the water, the recipe and salts used.

Yep, give it a little more time before taking a reading. You need tine for the grain to affect the pH.

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