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pH Calculator Preferences

I’ve been looking into mash pH a lot lately and have ‘tested’ every predictor I can find. I’ve run numbers in calculators from Palmer, Braukaiser, and BruNWater.

Since I am just starting with this, which is the preferred calculator? For instance, BruNwater seems very intense, but does it yield better results than the other two?

Palmer’s is good for lower SRM beers but when adding dark grains I found that I had to use prior results to predict the pH, which didn’t work well when I was trying new techniques (like adding dark grains late to avoid adding chalk). Haven’t used Kai’s. But I really like Bru’nwater - it’s a little more complicated to set up at first but so far it has been able to handle everything I’ve tried with it and the predicted pH is spot on.

I enjoy EZ Water Calculator 2.0

+1 for EZWater

+1 for Brunwater
It’s worth the time you’ll invest and Martin updates it so it takes into consideration the latest available data.

+2 for EZ Water.

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