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Petite saison fermenting

Am brewing the petite saison kit - it calls for 2 weeks in the primary. It’s been in for a week and bubbling appears to have almost ceased – any reason for concern ?

No. All is well.

I’m actually doing my second batch of this tomorrow.

thanks for the input. i’ll hang tight and look forward to bottling next saturday.


Fermentation may be done in as little as 24 hours, depending on yeast count and temp.

There are byproducts they make, that later the “clean up”. You won’t hurt the beer by letting it sit for 3 weeks. This will also allow excess yeast and other solids to precipitate out for a clearer beer with less sediment in the bottle.

There is no reason for concern at all… This is completely normal.

The only reasons they tell you to leave it for two weeks in the primary is to make sure it is actually done fermenting before you bottle it (if you bottle your beer before fermentation is complete, it will continue fermenting in your bottles giving off CO2 gas and cause your bottles to explode). The other reason is that after fermentation is complete, it will allow the yeast to drop to the bottom of your primary and clean up the off flavors they’ve made while fermenting.

Worry not, you can leave that beer in the primary for a month and it won’t hurt a thing. Your beer will be fine sir.


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