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Petite Saison d'Ete - Drink fresh or age?

Will the Petite Saison d’Ete age well? Or is this one of the saisons to drink fresh? Want to have a few gallons at its peak for a few people visiting in early June.

I’d drink it fresh. Might be okay this summer… might not.

Of course, this is also coming from the guy who ages ALL his beers for many months if not years because he’s got a drinking problem… doesn’t drink enough!!

Honestly, I think it will last until summer. But, it probably will not be at its peak deliciousness. I don’t think it will go super bad by June. Just won’t be peak.

I thought it was best in its first couple of months after bottling (if you bottle). I had one a couple of nights ago that was several months old and not nearly as good as I’d remembered. You may have to brew two batches – this was a BIG hit among my friends. I thought it was great as well. Simple, quick, great – a go to beer for me now.

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