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Peterman style

I saw this on brew dogs. Looked interesting. Anyone have a recipe.

Walking through the deep woods in Belgium, totally removed from civilization, I happened upon an old lady washing clothes by a dry riverbed. When I inquired as to how they could be washed when the river had run dry, she looked at my fur lined, waterproof sherpa boots and could only muster a grunt. She then immediately turned and walked into the thick underbrush. Wearing my leather long coat with a three button front, I followed her as far as a clearing. In that clearing stood a mighty man, smartly dressed in sheeps-wool pants and a brown leather jacket that had no tears but showed it’s rugged durability and age. He asked me my business and I told him I was searching for rare and extinct Peterman beer. While I know he demonstrated the recipe, I have no recollection of the ingredients, as I passed out from exhaustion. Luckily, my Ushanka Russian fur hat broke my fall. Alas, I have no recipe to give you.

The key ingredient is… Bosco.

Now that is funny.

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