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Pesky fruit flies

I’ve had an IPA in secondary for about 2 weeks and noticed that there are fruit flies swarming around the airlock. I used a (sanitized, clean) knee-high as the hop bag and tied it around the neck of the carboy and then put the airlock in (tightly). I didn’t notice where the fruit flies were coming from until a couple days ago: beer seems to be wicking-up through the fabric of the knee-high and up past the neck/airlock and the little buggers are really enjoying it.

I don’t see any of them inside the carboy itself but I’m wondering if anything could get into the beer to infect it. I’m planning on bottling the beer this weekend and haven’t opened the airlock (to taste the beer or take a gravity reading) for fear the b4st4rds might find their way inside.

Put a little beer, wine, or juice in a little glass, cover it mostly with plastic film, and put it far away from the beer. It makes a great ff trap.

You are probably OK. I plan on dry hopping a batch that is in primary now. I think I am going to use a strip of SaranWrap, tie it to the strainer bag and jam it between the stopper and carboy neck.

For the fruit flies, try a saucer with beer in it. They may fall in and drown themselves. I also have heard of putting a drop of dish detergent in the beer to break the surface tension and the flies will sink if they land on the surface.

Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll go ahead and try that and see how it works.

I’ve been using the method as follows: Put about one or two ounces of a sweet wine in a glass(I use a wineglass). Put in one drop of dishwashing liquid. In a few days the bottom of the wineglass will be filled with dead fruitflies. I picked it up at the winery where I work. They use it instead of the big fancy fruitfly traps. It works better. :cheers: ps: Don’t use too much liquid soap one drop is sufficient.

Should I put the glass in a completely different room? Right now my carboys are in the guest bathroom tub and I’d like to keep them contained (and not risk bringing them into the rest of the house), if I can.

I always keep mine right in the stickiest part of the room. They’re going to be drawn there anyhow. I was going to tell you. The real key is to make sure that there’s nothing for them to eat. I used to get yelled at all the time for leaving even a drop of spilled wine where they could find it. Every single drop must be wiped with soap and water. It’s a pain but it has to be done. I also have a worm composter in the kitchen and the fruitflies just love it. Whenever I take the top off they swarm up. I have to wineglass traps right above it and they just head directly for them and drown. Love it. The short answer: Keep them in the guest bathroom. :cheers:

What kind of vermicomposter are you using? I use a rubbermaid tub, and the key is to cover the air vents with nylon stockings. I keep it in my classroom, and have zero problems with fruit flies.

Here’s a great vermicomposting video

, for anyone who’s interested in a cool project.

:smiley: [Favicon][/Favicon]I’m using the “worm factory 360”. I really like it except that you have to take the top off to feed the worms. I try to keep everything covered with shredded leaves or paper but they still seem to get through. You’re right it is a great hobby plus the vermcompost makes things grow like crazy.

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