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Anyone every brew a fruit flavored beer with Persimmons? We’ve got quite a few from our tree this year and it just occurred to me that maybe they could be used to flavor a pale ale.

what say yee?


I am interested as well. I have two large trees and got a gallon bag this year before I quit paying attention (skunks got the rest).


Never done it yet but I think it is a great idea. Wait until they get soft and squooshy. Then brew a batch and rack onto them in secondary.

I’m thinking a generic pale ale somewhere around 1.055 OG, lightly hopped, fermented with maybe US-05…on maybe a pound or two of the persimmons at secondary.

Does that sound about right?


Skip the late hop additions completely and just make a blonde or amber ale. You will want to use 1-2 pounds PER GALLON. If you don’t have that much then make a small batch.


No, I don’t have 5-10lbs, only about 2 at best is my estimate at this time from the number of persimmons in the bag…so small batch it is.

I wasn’t planning on a LATE hope addition, just something like ekg or fuggles at 60 for about 20-25ibu.


Good plan. Good luck.

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