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Perlicks... which one (525, 575, 545 flow control)?

I’m about to replace my standard faucets with Perlicks, but I’m incredibly indecisive. I’ve read the good and bad with each model and am looking for some more input.

525 - Stainless steel, pretty straight forward, no dripping issues
575 - Stainless steel, creamer (neat, but seems gimmicky), dripping issues
545 - Flow control, NON stainless, possible dripping issues

I like the idea of stainless steel over chrome plated. The creamer function on the 575 model sounds neat, but I’m guessing it’s one of those things you use a few times and forget about it or lose interest. I’ve read this model can have leaking issues.

For the 545, it’s not stainless, which I don’t like, but I like the idea of being able to control the flow. I’m replacing taps on a kegerator, so for me to open it up and dial up or down the psi for a certain keg is not a big issue, but controlling the flow right at the handle seems like a plus, especially if filling a growler or bottles from the tap. But I’m really stuck on that non-stainless issue. Why can’t they just make this model in stainless steel?!?!?! I’ve also read these can have dripping issues.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I’ve got the 575’s and never had a dripping issue. It is nice to have the creamer function but is it a necessity? No.

I would vote 545’s out, non stainless, skip. I have the 525’s and love them. No dripping issues. Never used the flow control Perlicks but never heard anything bad about them.

love my 525’s…never stick and no drip

If ya don’t need the creamer then get the 525.

Found the 525’s on AIH for $32.99 each. Went that route. I agree going stainless is the way. Nothing against our host here, but AIH has some great prices.

2 perlick 525SS faucets
14ft thickwall beer line
26x26 nylon bag
2 keg posts (gas/beer) with poppet and o-rings
growler filler attachment for 525 tap

All shipped 1/2 way across the country for $131.

Upgrading to 525s was the best thing I ever did for my beer. Enjoy!

Yeah, I’m very happy with the 525’s. Got them installed a few weeks ago. Replaced my beer lines with new and slightly longer lines (8ft) and have the whole system balanced nicely. Now getting a nice consistent pour. Taps aren’t sticking. No excessive foaming. The 525’s only drip 2 drops or so at the end of a pour. My old taps would drip for a minute or two after a pour.

Very happy!

EDIT: The growler attachment is pretty awesome too! Much easier to fill a growler or bottle the entire way without excessive foaming.

I am definately planning on going the same route. I had looked into some last year and did not pull the trigger.

This year I have to do it. I use my gear much more nowadays, and the only thing I really need to improve how it is working are perlicks and longer liquid lines.

I like the good old standard 525’s best. I will admit I have a flow control and a creamer as well. The creamer is fine once you get use to it… but when people are over they always f it up and can’t get it to shut off… Causing a mess. I love the flow control for filling growlers. I’ve been using the flow control faucet for a couple years with no issues.

I own 4 perlick 525ss’s. They are phenomenal. Nuff said.

I am still running the now extinct (discontinued) 425’s, and love them. They are also forward-sealing faucets, and have a spout tip that you can unscrew. When I bottle off of the keg, I unscrew the spout, and screw in a special order part that connects the faucet to a bottling wand, and allows me to easily fill bottles or growlers. The 425’s became more and more rare until now I don’t see anyone who has any remaining stock.

So long as you spray some Star San up in there before reconnecting a clean spout tip they seal very well.

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