Perlick flow differences

I have 2 perlicks (same model) on my fridge outside. The flow rate on one of the taps is much higher than the other. For ever I thought the beer through that one tap was always over carbed. But this weekend I mixed up a keg of BLC and ran it though, proving that one tap has a much higher flow rate. Is there a way to adjust the flow? I thought the same model would naturally have the same flow rate.

Are your lines the same length?

I’m with Danny, the lines are the first thing to suspect. If one of the lines is longer than the other, the shorter line will flow more. Also, if for some reason, one of the lines is a larger internal diameter than the other, the larger line will flow more.

Agree with the above. Also, any kind of obstruction will cut the flow rate. If one of the lines is pinched or has a sharp bend in it, that could do it. Or if something is stuck inside. Or if the keg connector pin is a bit short or the connector doesn’t pull down as far on the keg.

Lines are the same length. Connectors are identical. I did replace a few poppets in the past with ones I got from NB, but that’s not it either. Weird.