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Perlick faucet issues

I’m throwing this out there, as a handful of us here (and more on other boards) have had problems with Perlick faucets not aligning correctly with the shanks. Basically, the problem is the teeth don’t align, so you don’t get a good seal and wind up spraying beer all over creation. The remedies usually advised are to take a dremel-type tool and grind down the teeth, or to stick with conventional faucets.

But I recently just discovered through experimentation that for me the solution was getting rid of my standard chrome-plated shanks and getting stainless steel ones. Now the faucet and shank mesh like they are supposed to. I’m willing to bet everyone who has had this problem has chrome shanks (which are generally the standard unless you pay extra to upgrade).

Hopefully this information helps somebody else, as searching the internet produces a lot of complaints about the problem but no real solutions.

It is totally all about the shank. I too had issues and as soon as I did upgrade to stainless shanks the issue was fixed. If you’re kegging buy Perlicks and stainless shanks to begin with, don’t do it twice like I did.

I’m a strong believer in the idea that if you’re going to spend money on the hardware for a keezer/kegerator, spend a little more to do it right the first time by going all stainless. Unlike chrome, you should never have to replace it.

What is the life of chrome shanks?



Chrome shanks are actually brass shanks with a chrome coating. They should last a long time, but from what I’ve read the chrome coating will wear off over time.

good to know, back in 10/2011 a guy named jetmac posted a find at The Beverage Factory, Faucet (525SS), shank (4 1/2" chrome) and black knob, all for $25, picked up 8 sets.


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