Perlick faucet depth

Planning on getting a 5 cu ft chest freezer, converting with wooden collar, and using Perlick faucets. Problem is, I live in Manhattan and only place my wife will ‘allow’ me to put the freezer is my my closet. Depth of the closet is ~24" with accordion doors, and the freezer depth is 22". Will the Perlicks stick out more than 2"? I see listed on their site that the depth is 2-3/4". Is there a way I can somehow counter-sink them a bit into the collar? Thanks.

You can always place the taps on top of the keezer.

I dont know about the depth but you could always do a tower.

Yeah, I could do a tower but rather not have to drill into freezer. I could also mount the taps on the side of the freezer collar instead of the front…

I would think that they stick out more then 2" because the shank will stick out about 3/4". You could always take the door off the closet lol

My perlick 525’s stick out 3-5/8"

Measured my shank and it measures 1" (Wife at kitchen table “what are you doing with that tape measure?” Me “I’m going to measure my Shank. Her “do you want me to fluff it to make it bigger?” We both just busted out laughing. I didn’t even realize how it sounded till she said that.) total length of my chrome faucets with shank comes to

Ha. Thanks. Looks like she may have cracked and is thinking about letting me put it in the bedroom. Problem solved.

Beer in the bedroom… Now I know why I could never live in that large of a city. I like my space.