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People who use 22oz bottles

I like the idea of 22 oz bottles. I’ve filled a couple 22 oz bottles along with the normal 12 oz bottles for certain batches but wanted to start using more of them. However I’ve never like the thought of pouring the more than once without disturbing the yeast sediment. How are you pouring them?

Usually, between the first and second pour, the yeast settles again. I guess it could be a problem with low-floc yeast, but I haven’t had a problem with it.

I use 22 ounce bottles for some of the low ABV beers. Usually a dry Irish stout and a petite saison. There is very little sediment in the bottles and the yeasts have flavor so I don’t mind pouring the yeast. I do practice a smooth pour without any glugs and then set the bottle down without abruptly turning it back upright.


I’m lucky in that when I bottle, usually from the keg and its quite clear at that point. Albiet, most of my brews aren’t crystal clear, and I don’t mind a wee bit of haze, which I can see through. Sneezles61

I use the 22s for sharing

That was my thought exactly and maybe a few less bottles to fill.

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I have accumulated a fair number of 22 oz bottles but hadn’t used them until my recent Oktoberfest/Festbier. I have one of those ridiculous big glass boots and needed more volume to adequately fill it (still only comes a bit over the “ankle”). You still have to account for the ABV and not get carried away filling that thing or…you can get a little drunky monkey.


I always bottle a couple of 22oz bombers, using the O2 scavenger caps to save for long-term storage.( I wax the top too, but that might be overkill). It’s nice to try something a year or 2 later to see how it’s aged. By that time, the yeast is pretty much glued to the bottom, so I haven’t experienced any problems.

My wife bought me these 24oz Pilsener glasses last year. Now I can pour the whole 22oz bottle at once. I still bottle most of my beers in 12oz bottles though.

A German friend gave me some of those large pilsner glasses. He told me to serve my weissbier in them which I do.

The 22 ounce glasses are just right for containing a good head on a pour.

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