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Pellet Hops in a Hop Rocket

I was thinking of using 2 or 3 ounces of pellet hops inside a hop bag in my Hop Rocket for my next brew. I’ve used the Hop Rocket successfully many times with whole hops, but just don’t have the right variety in whole hops this time. Has anyone ever tried this? Success? Failure?

Hop Rocket + Pellets = Big Failure.
it will clog up.

Seems like it’ll work just fine with the pellets in a mesh bag.

Been ther tried it, twice. first time no bag, fail, second time with hopbag, still fail! Blichmann does not even recommend it.

Yeah, I can see the hop bag blocking the outlet. Would it work if you put a screen across the outlet and divided the pellets into several cachets? You would have to pack the hops loosely and slow the flow down to a crawl to get decent contact time.

Thanks for the advice. I wonder if it might work with a hop bag and a weight or two to keep the bag and hops off the outlet. Sounds like an experiment to try with some water and old hops. I’ll probably skip it next weekend, though.

Put enough leaf hops in there to form a bed around the pellet hops and it should work pretty well. I’ve used other things in bags in the rocket (coffee, cacao nibs, spices), but they were ground pretty coarse, so it didn’t matter.

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